• GAD was established in December 2001 to provide a vital service for international carriers. Through our mission statement we are committed to distinguish ourselves from our competitors in terms of quality, reliability, and value.
  • Since the launch of GAD at New York's JFK Airport, we have continued to build on our the strength in flight operations with the goal of creating a more diversified company that included a portfolio of different but related businesses. The GAD Group provides strategic direction and consolidated reporting for four independent operating departments all under the Global Aircraft Dispatch name. By operating independently, each department can focus exclusively on delivering the best service for its specific market.
  • GAD is a customer-oriented service company with a strong focus on growth and superior performance by providing high-value products with passenger safety as the cornerstone. Our employees work in a fun and exciting environment and are the key to our success.
"Our workforce is always there for you, Meeting Your Needs...Exceeding Your Expectations ".